Meet your Dietitian!

Lucy is a Registered Dietitian working across GP practices in Ardwick & Longsight. She has worked in the NHS for 8 years, spending most of that time at both adults and children’s hospitals.

Being a Registered Dietitian means that Lucy looks at the most up to date research around food and health, and then translates that into practical advice for the public.

You might find her at local community groups giving informal dietary education,delivering group courses, or in clinics at your GP practice. This website will hopefully be a useful tool to provide information around how to save money while eating well, which shops in Ardwick & Longsight have the best prices, and some recipes to try with the family.

Top tips for saving money on your food shop

The rising cost of food has put strain on many families in Manchester. These tips should help you to keep the cost of your weekly shop down, while helping you to continue eating well.

  • Make a meal plan at the beginning of the week – then use this to make a shopping list to make sure no food is wasted.
  • Use your leftovers – either freeze or store leftovers in the fridge, factor in when you will eat them to your meal plan. This can help you to avoid convenience foods on a busy day!
  • Try to eat more vegetarian meals – tinned pulses and beans still contain protein and are much cheaper than meat.
  • If using meat, try adding beans or pulses to make the meal go further. This will reduce the price, keep the protein content high and add fibre.
  • If buying meat in bulk, freeze some portions that won’t be used to make sure they aren’t wasted.
  • Try using frozen or tinned vegetables to reduce costs – they are still full of vitamins and fibre.

Beans and pulses = chickpeas / kidney beans / butterbeans / lentils / even baked beans!